09 February 2013


It's Chinese New Year Eve tonight! Are you guys ready for the Chinese New Year? YEA! I can't wait for it seriously, receiving a lot of angpau and wearing the new clothes. OMG I CAN'T WAIT FOR WEARING MY NEW CLOTHES. Back to the main topic, just as I've said at the previous post, I will blog about my pre-birthday celebration, so here you go! 

My birthday actually fall at 4th of Feb, but because it was Monday, so I decided to celebrate it earlier. Since it was my big day, so I woke up early in the morning and got a new color for my hair! My previous hair was done by my boyf, but too bad the bleach part made my hair looks unhealthy and the color faded, so, I decided to dye my hair into darker color this time :) 

Chestnut brown :) sorry the color looked not so obvious here :x

We were having dinner at Italiannies@Curve, because I told them I was craving for spaghetti hehehehe :p I picked up Sherlyn around 5.30pm; we walked around while waiting for Swing and Canterly. 

Act cute wo :p

Swing and Canterly arrived around 7pm and we straight away went to the restaurant. Since Swing gonna paid for my meal, so I ordered my favorite fettucini carbonara, rm34,90 for size regular. It was my first try at Italiannies, so at first I thought regular will be like normal size, but when the food came, I was like WOW It was so huge and you were able to share it with your friend. So, it was definitely worth! They also ordered a piece of Tiramisu as my birthday cake! 

She definitely looked so pretty in this photo! 


Girls just like to take photo with the food. Sherlyn, Me, Swing and Canterly

Before eating the cake, they sang birthday song for me! But of course just in a very soft volume, so awkward   singing so loud in restaurant with just only 4 girls ._.

' I'm so gonna eat you hiak hiak hiak! '

This was how I look like when I didn't care about my image when laughing.

No candle, just a song and simple cut-cake-ceremorny, but I still felt happy :) 

We realized that there was another group was celebrating birthday too. I felt like walking towards them and said 'Eh saya birthday juga!' Maybe I could get few birthday wishes or maybe piece of cake :p After eating we went for second round at Beer Factory@Sunway Giza. Swing's boyf and his friends - CK, Apple, Kenny, Marvin were joining us at this round. Suddenly, birthday present came to me!

The phone plug and handmade card by Sherlyn. So adorable! Thank girls :D

Sherlyn and Canterly

Swing and Alex.This girl couldn't stop covering her dark eye circles with her fingers.

I looked so drunk. Mehh.

With the new plug! Big enough.

Canterly played sudoku for whole night ._. 

At first there was not much entertainment, everyone just playing cards, chit-chatting and pressing phone. When I came back from washroom, the waitress brought me something. It was Jaggerbomb. Seriously I didn't know what it was until they told me the name and taught me how to drink it. Jaggerbomb is a bomb shot cocktail that mixed by dropping a shot of Jagermeister into a glass of beer, Red Bull or other energy drinks.

It tasted sweet, and it didn't really cause me drunk, maybe because they mixed it with Red Bull

It hadn't come to the end! After I drank this, another drink came - Flamming Lambo. I guess everyone know this drink because it was kinda famous. This drink is on fire, this drink is on fireeeee~eeeeee~


After I drank this, I still believe that that was the end of the story, who knows suddenly the staffs of Beer Factory appeared. They sang me birthday and everyone was looking at us, I felt so shy. Some more, they asked me to drink ._. 

After drinking, that was really come to the end. I was drunk for the first time - but I still able to walk, stand, stop and talk, and CK drove me home that night. Thank you CK! Some more I vomited once I reached outside my house. First time, seriously first time. After vomited, I felt much more better and don't feel like drinking anymore. 

It was a wonderful night. I have not much friends frankly, that's why I really very appreciate that three girls. LOVE XOXO! I was glad that Alex and his friends came too, or not I won't get the chance to get drunk that night. Thank you guys! 

Dress: Online shopping from taobao
Belt: Boutique 
Shoes: Vincci
Bag: Boutique

So that's all for this post! Good night and enjoy reading! :)

03 February 2013


Hello people! I remember that I said I will update my blog often, but too bad I got nothing to blog because have not much activities in my life #foreveralone well finally, I have something to blog now, it's all about my pre-birthday celebration with my bff and friends. So, stay tuned guys! I promise I will update after I done my assignment and test :)

Laugh like nobody's business ._.

03 January 2013


I always wish to be fashionista like those famous bloggers and models, but I just can't because buying pretty clothes need to spend a lot of money *cryyyyyy* Anyway, I think it's important to find your own style according to your personalities. Like me, I prefer to be more casual and cool, so I always wear plain or maybe just one focus point. Besides that, I like to hunt special dresses because I don't like to be same as others. I WANT TO BE SPECIAL. Here's some outfits for whole 2012:

1. Minnie Tattoo Leggings 

Love at the first sight! It can be matched easily, no matter you are wearing denim, shorts or dresses. I'm sure that it can catch a lot of attention. 
Shoes: Vincci 
Leggings: on9 shop
Denim shirt: Boutique at OU

2. Singlet x Jeans x Heels

This will be my favorite combination. I feel more comfortable wearing pants because I can sit, run, squad, sit cross-legged, jump, lay and etc. 
Tops: night market
Jeans: Kitschen
Shoes: Vincci 
Bag: Fred Perry

3. High waist skirt Studs boots

I like this pair of boots very much, first of all because it is a boots LOL, secondly because there's studs behind. I'm so addicted to leather and studs recently. Everytime I saw studs thingy, I will pull my Boyf's hand and say you see, duk duk shoes; yeeer, duk duk cap; duk duk duk duk duk ( studs are sharp, duk means sharp lol ) Then my boyf will show me this face ._. 
Shoes: bought it at China
Skirt: Secondhand from friend
Camera: Canon 550D

4. Black dress

A black dress is a basic in everyone girl's wardrobe. I tried this black dress at Miss Selfridge and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Just simply like the front and back design of this dress. However, I didn't buy it because it was quite expensive. 
Dress: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Vincci 

5. White shirt x Denim

This is my favorite combination too! Some may think that white collar shirt is only for people that work inside the office, but when you pair it with jeans, it will look more casual. Boyf bought me this shirt because he thinks I look sexy on it LOL
Shirt: Uniqlo 
Denim: DIY from Gio Jeans Co. long jeans
Bag: Boutique at Sunway Pyramid 
Shoes: Vincci

6. Unique Dress

As I'va told, I like to hunt special and unique dress. There's only four pieces of this colorful bokeh print dress, and four of them have different color temperature. One is blueish, one is purplish, one is yellowish and one is reddish. So, I bought the purplish wan. 
Dress: Sungai Wang
Belt: H&M
Watch: G-Shock
Clutch: Cotton On 
Shoes: Payless

Last but no least, I've learnt how to do french braid and fish tail braid as well. Before this I didn't know anything about hairstyle until one day, I found that I was so bored with pony tail. So, I decided to learn how to do different hairstyles. I'm glad that I am a fast leaner :D

Hope you guys enjoy reading my post, please give me any comments and I would like to improve myself too! xoxo

02 January 2013

two zero one three

Hello, I'm back! So, do you miss me? ;) Well, I guess no ._. I never touched my blog since March until now, it had been 10 months, and like FINALLY! So what I did in the past 10 months? I was busying with my Interior Design course and working hard in my relationship, and friendship too. There were a lot of things happened and I'm glad that I was able to get through everything *cross-finger* Last but no least, I went Vietnam with my family at the end of December. It is a nice place for chilling and relaxing since there's not much entertainment.

2012 just come to the end. How did you guys celebrated you new year eve? I had a date with my bff, Sherlyn. We shopping at The Curve in the evening, and we celebrated with my Boyf and his friends. We gambled and drank for whole night long, so much of laughter since everyone drunk. I'm gonna start to plan for 2013 - new year new resolution. I had no any resolution for the past few years.

This is my current favorite song, Serial Killer - Lana Del Ray. She has a very unique and beautiful voice, but she can't really sing well in live :x Hope you guys enjoy this song!

That's all for tonight, just hope that I can be more productive in blogging. Good night peeps! :D