22 December 2008

Dream ~

I had a WEIRD dream yesterday night

I were hagging out with my friends
All of them are Australians
And i talked to them by using English !!
OMG !!
My English is Broken English in reality
Hehe ...

Where were we going ??
I don't know ...
Just felt like there was dark outside the car and many trees
Jungle ??
Went jungle for wat ??!!
Cari harimau _____

I were talking to an Australian guy
He damn leng zai !!
We played and chatted
What a nice guy ____
Aha ~

Suddenly that guy KISSED my cheek !!
I could feel his lips touched on my face
And his saliva ...
Disgusting !!
Just felt like in the REALITY ...

After that he looked at me
Then he continued chatting with others
How about me ??
I blur at there _______

I heard my mum was calling my name
I woke up by my mum !!
Grrrr ~
I touched my cheek again ...
I still could feel the temperature
Wootssss _____

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He comes back tmr !!

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