01 December 2008

Feeling ~

What is my feeling to you ??
You said you want me back
This makes me feel that i am a TOY
Throw me away when don't like me
Pick me up when you like me
I hate this feeling !!

I still love you
I still miss you
I admit that ...
But now i am scare to talk to you
I am scare to face you
I feel you are damn FAKE
I feel you are dangerous

You asked me to give you 1 more chance
I really don't know whether i should trust you or not
I scare i will hurt by like last time
I scare i will cry for you like last time
My tissue not enough !!

My feeling
I just need some time to think properly
I don't want to make a decision that will let me regret
But i really don't know what i want

Am i too complicated ??
What i want ??
What is my feeling ??

Feel going to scold bad words now !!

Don't lie

1 comment:

JoKEr said...

hahaha...surprise i will cum here...
dis kind of ppl....damn fxxk...
bt u hav ur choice de....
gud luck la....
jun nian here...^^