05 December 2008

WotsSSss _____

Today once i signed in my MSN
Soon and Swing added me into their conversation
They were discussing about the Genting trip on next Wednesday
I want to go !!!!

Soon asked me whether i will go with them or not
Actually i am not so sure also
I don't know whether my parents allow or not
Somemore we go ourself without any adults
Need some girls ~

I ask my parents whether i can go or not
Let me go !!
If not i killed myself !!
I SOT jorrrrrrr ~

Location : Genting
Date : 10/12 - 11/12 ( 2 days 1 night )
Fee : RM 70 like that larrr

Anyone interested can ask me !!
Or Keat, Soon, KitZai, Ah Leng them larrr ~
As fast as possible !!
Thnx !!

1 comment:

Thong Yen said...

i wan go but i noe sure cant 1
aiksss T______________T