22 January 2009

Beez Beez Beezy !!

I am busy for my SCHOOL LIFE in this few weeks
What latihan rumah, cheer leading, SQM, homework ...
Blar blar blar _______

I stay back for everyday
I take public transport to go back home everyday
I meet the same guy at the bus stop everyday
I think i saw him before at maluri
He looks like Alvin's friend
Please don't missunderstand
Not that Alvin from our school

Hmm ..
I can't on9 for many days
So i can't chat with my APPLE
Long time didn't chat with him adi
Grr ~
He sicks !!
Hope he will gt well soon
Drink more water and rest more yar

He leave a msg for me at MSN
He miss me
I miss you too !!

Chinese New Year coming !!
Can you dating with me ??
Watch movie ??
Bicycle-ing ??
Picnic ??
Blar blar blar _____

I am crazy, man !!

couple Pictures, Images and Photos

I am missing you

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