27 July 2009

The Late Post.

Almost 1 week didn't touch my lappie !

22 July 2009
Today is Wednesday
I had my lunch with my Pi Gu brother, Jun Kit
Went to the mamak near our school after school

When we were chatting, someone sms Jun Kit
Jun Kit faced weird and angry and speechless after he saw the msg
Yea, it was his GF

Hey girl, there is nothing between me and Jun Kit ok ?
Just best friend
If you really love him, then you should trust him
Some more, Jun Kit told you that he will date me today rite ?
We didn't curi-curi what .
So jealous uh ?

Actually wanna followed Jun Kit went to CC
But since his GF was quite angry about it
So, we canceled it and i straight away went home after finished my lunch
By BUS !

I can't wait for the day i get my driving licence
Then i don't need to wait for the bus under the stupid HOT sun !
Ish !

24 July 2009
Today is Friday
Well, i went for movie with my hottie sister, Henna at 1U
Reached there around 9pm and bought 11pm tickets for Harry Potter !
I thought i can't watch with my sis since she is having exam this few days

After bought the tickets, window shopping lar sure.
Forever 21, Topshop, Pull And Bear, Nose, blar blar blar
Can see but can't buy
Pity me !

Went back home around 2am in the midnight
Too bad didn't play snooker just now
Yeeeeee ________

28 July 2009
Today is Sunday
Woke up 6am in the morning
Oh ! It was raining outside
Couldn't play basketball, then i slept until noon

Night, went to Jusco and passed by the Yamaha shop
Gosh ! I hope i can own them !
Kidnap them at night later
Hiak ~

Done my homework around 12am
I didn't touch them last 2 days

27 July 2009
Today is Monday
Found that someone keeps repeating the same sentence !
Ish !

Yea, is YOU !
Don't look beside you
Don't look behind you
Don't look around you since there is no one beside you !

Can you stop repeating the same sentence
" I hope to be as sexy as Megan Fox . "
I know it sounds funny , but stop it lar pls
I will paiseh wan lar know ?!
Ish !

You can say others, but pls stop saying this
If not, i will throw you down from our blok !

If you saw this, i guess you know i am talking about you !

I don't have mood to continue
Ciaosssss !

让我再吻你 吻多一遍


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