26 June 2010

Carnival Day 2010 !

Today was our school Carnival Day !
Well, it might also our last carnival in SMK Kepong Baru.
So, we adi decided that we were going to eat cukup-cukup. HEHH !
I couldn't believe that I woke up myself in this morning without my dad's yelling.
There was very crowded today due to a lots of outsider from other schools, ex-kbians, teachers, and also parents.
Every clubs had their own stalls. Everyone just busy promoted their food and drinks.
I bought 3 books of coupons, it was RM10 per book, and there was RM10 per book too.
I just used all up so that i could enjoy the food and the drinks.

What I ate for today were
  • Satay from SQM
  • Coconut Ice Blended from Scout
  • Fried Ice-cream from English Club
  • Mcflurry Ice-cream & Octopus from 5K class

Actually not only that that are listed, still have lots, but those are what I recommanded, because they were so niceeeeeeee ! * nyam nyam nyam *

Didn't have many chance to take photos
I just don't know why i was so moody that time on such a big day
Ishhhhh !

Carnival 2010 !

The octopus banner from 5K class !


    Today's cloud.

    The balloons from Scout !

    Personally love this stal
    Their decoration really caught my sight and all the food and drinks they sold were STRAWBERRY !

    Carnival 2010 !

    The big big strawberry at the top ! ;D

    Conclusion, the carnival this year wasn't as great as last year ! X(

    Stop before it is too late

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