26 July 2010

Those Days :)

I have to control myself not to on9 during weekdays
I gotta concentrate on my exam; Exam is all over my head now LOL

Someone that's really important to me had come back from China
I still rmb that he told me that he will back on Saturday
However, he gave me a very big surprise - he came back at Wednesday night !

Saturday 17/7 was our first outing
He picked me up around 12pm and we went to 1U
We had our lunch at an Italian restaurant and we watched movie - Twilight Saga too
We both so worried the situation will be uneasy, but at the end, everything just went well
Hell, he is so freaking gentleman ;)

ps : Twilight is bored and I almost dozed off -.-!


He thought I was a SIMPLE girl Imao !

Our second date was at Monday night 19/7, and it is KunKit's birthday too
I got no chance to wish him and sing a birthday song because all of them being late -.-!
Anyway, I'm glad that you love my cake HEHHHH !

After I passed the cake to Sian En, we went to Desa Park City
He brought me to a small mountain, and from there, the scenery was awesome
Then we went to Starbucks and walked at the park
Guess what, we chased after each other in the park like small kids . HAHA !

Night Time

Our third date was on Tuesday 20/7
Actually we planned to take a walk at the park, but since it was raining, so we changed our plan and we went Mcd
Just a normal date :)

After dinner, we went to playground and SWINGGGGGGG
After i reached home, I found there was few mosquito bites on my legs

Our forth date was at Thursday 22/7
This time, I suggested to go for some outdoor activities and finally, we decided to go for swim
The water level was until my neck, and until his chest.
See ! He is tall, very tall ! ;O

Our fifth date was at Friday afternoon 23/7
He picked me up after school and we went MOE Cafe to have our lunch
After that, we went to his house
On the way, when I passed by my house, i used my hand to cover my face - I was afraid that my mum will see me -.-!

We did what a couple supposed to do IMAO AGAIN !

Our sixth date was on Saturday 24/7
He picked me up around 11pm we went to Midvalley
We had our lunch at a Chinese restaurant
After that, I bought a pair of shoes at Cotton On
We played " Slam Dunk " and watched movie - Inception
That movie is AWESOME, no wonder so many people wanna watch for the second time

After Midvalley, we went to Desa Park City
Since I didn't want to go home such early, so we went Kepong again to eat dessert

His pleasure to be my driver ?


Boyfriend's new hair is cuteeeeee ! me likey ! <3

Food Lover


His hand is BIG and able to cover his own face and also my face. AHA !

The seventh, newest and latest date was on Sunday 25/7
My parent went to Genting this afternoon, so just left my sister and I
Actually we planned to have our lunch together, but since he had futsal at 3 and his dad was not in the mood, so we just canceled it

However, he came over my house to troubleshoot my computer after futsal
Hubble likes him very much and kept on be the spotlight HAHA!

I couldn't wake my sister up to have dinner with me, so i just had it with my Boyfriend at 333 Restaurant.
We found that we both love Milo Ice and we ordered the same food xD


Our first picture, couldn't see his face actually HAHA !

No more official date after this, until his birthday
Still wondering how to introduce Boyfriend to my mum
" Hey mum, he is my Boyfriend ! "
Sounds weird uh ? -.-!

Anyway, I appreciate the moment to be with him
xoxo ! <3

Just leave us alone :)


馨賢 said...

Great post Eugene! U found a great guy!! Share some luck with ur sis, pity her still single at this age! kakaka......btw, just tell ur mum:'hey mum, this guy will be ur future son-in-law!'

Eugene ! said...

LOL ! she will found it someday, don't worry larhh ;DD