12 July 2010

Zaza & Dolphin !

Yesterday, I had a great outing with my Zaza at Times Square, and of course, Jason Low aka Dolphin Low and friends.
Jason Low is still single and available currently, but I don't know whether he is desperate of having gf or not. LOL.

I met my Zaza at Segambut KTM Station after had my tuition at Jun Liang's house.
Actually at first i was quite worried about that we didn't have any topics to talk, but luckily, we did craps a lotsssss !
We chatted; We joked; We shopped.
Well, everything was so perfect today ;D

Met with Jason and his friends around 4pm, and Xin Ying was there too ! O.O
After a while, they went for movie - Eclipse and Zaza and I continued shopping.


We bought hat ! xD

We just kept on playing with the cameras and DSLR !


Being stalker was so fun


Cacat siaaaa ! -.-


That was Nikon D5000.


Our love - Nikon D90 !
Super recommended this camera, just prefect ! xD

Zaza went back home ALONE around 5pm.
Fortunately that nothing happened on her, like being robbed or something like that, if not i will.
Felt very guilty.

I waited Jason Low and his friends in the Starbusks.


After they finished their movie, we went Old Town Coffee to have some drinks.
Guess what, i on9 chatted with Jason Low even thought he was just sitting me just now. LOL !
We went home around 8.45pm
I was so glad that still had a person going back with me

Reached home, straight away went to 333 restuarant and met with Kenny.
Chatted a lot weyhh -.-
Let's pass through this war together weyhhh ! xD

PS: Sorry to Zaza because of asking her to go home alone. TT

Golden Tortise !

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