08 August 2010

The LEO Chick & Dude !

6/8 is my beloved sister - Hennah birthday !
I bought a cake for her after tuition, thought wanna celebrate with her at night
God knew that she went clubbing until the next morning -.-!

Name : Hennah Foo
Age : 23 years old
School : UCSI, currently taking Food Science And Nutrition course
Relationship Status : Single and don't know available or not. HA !

Well, she is really a very good sister for me, she did really teach me a lots, HELL LOTS !
She is really good in saving money, earning money and everything related to MONEY, but she is not that kind of girl that will do anything for money, but i think she has the potential to be a banker. LOL !

She is so freaking crazy girl. Guess what, i rmb that when I was pee-ing, she suddenly rushed into the toilet and * GA CHACK ! * she took my pic. I was like " wth ?! " . I don't know where's the picture now..

She is fashionable since she was a part-time modal. Well, we share our clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories.

She is a very strong and tough girl. Well, i just saw her crying face for .. not more than 5 times ? and that time she was having menstrual pain -.-! She is very independent too !

I love you sister ! <3


7/8 is my little brother - Zhi Yuan birthday !
He gonna shares that cake with my sister.
Well, he just spread it to everyone - TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY

Name : Foo Zhi Yuan
Age : 8 years old
School : SJK(C) Kepong 1
Relationship Status : Single and Available. HAHA !

He has the same characteristic as my sister - Good in anything that related to MONEY
You know what he will say if you asked him to do something for you ? " Pay me larh, 1 month rm15. But if i did well, then you have to pay me more. " WALAO EHHHHH !

He is as crazy as my sister too, bt not take my picture when I was bathing nor shitting larh. He asked me, " Do you have a bf ? If your bf asked you to marry him with diamond ring, would you ?". And i was again like " stupid, you talk like an adult man -.-! "

He likes to zat me - Oh sis, you are dark, shorty, pimples on your face, and FAT, nobody wants you larh. I'm your sister weyhh, how dare are you talking like this to me?!

Hey brother, you should be more indepent larh. Anyway, my life will suck without you. Love you too ! <3


Both Leo Babes !


Make a wish



Oh yea, i went Wendy's birthday party too.
Happy Birthday my babeh !

Babeh, I'm so sorry that I had to leave earlier, and thanks for being so understanding. I know you knew my situation and condition.
Let's hang out together after this, I FETCH YOU ! :D
Anyway, all the best to you and you will find your true love. Don't hurt yourself, don't you every do that again.
You are soooooooo sweet, pretty and adorable, really.
LOVE YOU. xoxo <3

May your wish come true :)

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