04 November 2010

The 2010's SQM!

It was last Sunday and Halloween Night, all the SQM seniors gathered at MOMO paradise and we had dinner together
Well, the dinner was free, but honestly not such nice compared with other restaurants out there
Since it was free, so ITS OKAY larhh .___.

Of course, I won't forget to bring along my new babyyy - Cintan Mian :D
Just let the pic talking!

Picnik collage

Joee, Kahyee, and LaoXu!
Spot something? HEH! :p

Picnik collage

Two pairs of love birds.
The only word that I can say is SWEET!
How much I wish you are here too ;(


err, nice smile uh?
Quite love this actually, looked natural :D

Someone visited us
Dialah HANN!


They were so excited to see her :D


The black colour shoes costed RM800
Kuik and I wore the same shoes!

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

The girls!
Very sorry for those who didn't have solo pictures in my cam :(

Picnik collage

The boys!
Well, just few photos for boys, you know why ?

Picnik collage

Girl: Hey look at the cam please !
Boys: *cover their face*

Walao, my cam such scary meh? .___.

Picnik collage

Captured by Jo :)

Picnik collage

The group pictures!

Thanks for bringing me such memorable high school memories
Still remember those time that we worked hard together under the hot sun all the day :)

Credits to Cintan Mian too
今天辛苦你了! :D

Picnik collage

The cute stone by Kee Ling :D

ps: For more pictures, may visit to my facebook album, Pictures are more and clearer there :)

Your smile :)

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