12 December 2010


Have to start something about my childhood memories.
Well, I think most of the people watch Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and etc Walt Disney fairy tales.
But when I was young, I used to watch another tales from Walt Disney Production.
Seriously, I love this movie and I can watch it repeatedly.

The name of this movie is ANASTASIA.

The movie tells the story of a young, confused woman in 1920s France, She is found by a group of Russian people who have left their country. They want her to pretend to the world that she is Anastasia. They reason they want to do this is because they want to get money. The real Anastasia, if she were alive, would inherit millions of pounds which had been left in an English bank by the Tsar.

The Russians, led by General Bounine, make her learn how to behave like the Grand Duchess Anastasia. They teach her all the things she ought to know about her childhood. They teach her to walk like a Duchess, practising with a book on her head. When they think she is ready she is introduced to several people who knew Anastasia. None of them believe she really is Anastasia.

The real test comes when she is taken by General Bounine to Denmark to meet the Dowager Empress, Maria Feodorovna. At first the old Empress does not believe she is her granddaughter, but when Anastasia coughs because she is nervous, the Empress remembers that Anastasia used to do this as a child. She now believes she is her granddaughter.

After i Google-ed, I just found that Anastasia is a real and historical character.

The real Anastasia was Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. She was one of the daughter's of the Tsars, the emperor who ruled Russia. In 1918 all the Tsar's family was murdered because the Communits wanted to rule instead of the Tsars.

Some years later there were some people who started to believe that Anastasia had not been murdered, but had escaped and was still alive. This gave several women the idea that they would pretend to the world that they were Anastasia. The movie is about one of these women.

Anastasia in the story

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna - the real Anastasia when she was young
Look quite alike right?

The movie Anastasia has the evil sorcerer Rasputin casting a curse which brings about the death of the entire Romanov family, with the exception of Anastasia.

Rasputin and his pet D:

Rasputin was a real person who was a mad monk in the Russian Orthodox Church.

However, unlike the other stories, there's no prince. There is only two con men who try to locate a suitable impostor to collect a ten million ruble reward which has been offered by the Dowager Empress Marie for the return of the real Anastasia.

His name is Dimitri :)

Vladimir, the cute and fat one HAHA!

Scene of the movie - When Anastasia meets her dead father, Czar Nicholas II.

I'm glad that at last they fall in love :)

This is one of the songs - Once Upon A December

Seriously, this is a must-watch-movie! :D

It's a perfect ending
No, it's a perfect beginnig


Anonymous said...

I love this cartoon! :) Nice blog... I hopr you see this, since it is 2 years old lol

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Anonymous said...

Love the movie too, but just so you know -- 20th Century Fox, not Disney.