04 December 2010

Jaycee! :D

Hmm, so do you guys know who is he?
BINGO! He is Jacky Chen's son, Jaycee 房祖名

This is how he looks like before he become famous
Damn ugly right?
I've known him since his first single album released.
Believe me, his voice is much more better than his dad. HAHA!

After few years, he becomes a famous actor in Hong Kong.
After the make-over, he looks much more better :D

My impression to him is he loves to SMILE! :D

Hey peace !

His eyes are small too.
Eh, kaki-lang :p

On the red carpet :)

Guess how old is he ?! :O

Happy 28th Birthday Jaycee! :D  

The day is coming! :)

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