25 November 2008


Damn damn damn excited today !!
There are many nice movies are SHOWING now
And also COMING SOON !!

The 1st movie that I would like to watch is Guard Post 506
This is a HORROR Korean movie
This movie is talk about a strange murder case was occurred and many soldiers were killed but excpeted one
Everybody were cruelly crashed or cut off their neck
The only survived is in the coma and the case goes into mystery
They are facing a strange virus that makes the soldires become zombie ..
I watched the trailer of this movie
Unfortunately the classification of this movie is 18SG
I think i should wear HIGH HEELS !!

The 2nd movie that i would like to watch is Twilight
This is a action-packed and modern day love story between vampire and human
I like to watch this kind of movie
Two people from the different world are falling in love
For example vampire and human, ET and human, ghost and human ...
Blar blar blar ~
This movie will be on the cinema on 27 November 2008

Actually still got many movies
But i damn lazy to write it out
Quarantine, George Romero's Diary Of Death, REC and blar blar blar ~

- REC -
- Quarantine -

- George Romero's Diary of Death -

- Twilight -

- Guard Post 506 -

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♥ Ashley said...

r u yit juin?
sry if i spelled ur name wrongly.
is that u?