26 November 2008


I appeared off9
Cause i didn't want to let someone to disturb me
I saw soh lou was 0n9-ing now
I think he might be gaming or watching his downloaded show
So i think i better don't want to disturb him
I chit-chat to xuxu ling
We were just crapping !!

Xuxu ling asked me to go selayang mall find her
Then she will bring me go to see cute hamsters
And also hamster gor gor
Damn swt ...

Soh lou came to find me
How he knows that i am on9-ing ??
Rupa rupanya is xuxu ling told him

Ahahahahahaha !!

He just call me soh poh then 0ff9
Xuxu told me soh lou wants me to call him
Damn weired

Why soh lou don't want to ask me to call him
But asked xuxu ling to tell me
Hmmm ..
I just didn't want to think so much ...

Once soh lou took up his hp
His sounds damn weired and i am started to worry
What's wrong with him ??
I asked him what's wrong with him
But he just keep on saying nothing

After a while he said something to me
" soh poh, we apart for a while ?? "
In the damn LOW volume
" harrrr ??!! wat are u saying just now ??!! "
Actually i heard what he said but i just want to comfirm

He didn't open his mouth for a few seconds
He said again
" soh poh, we just apart for a while.. "
I just BLUR
What the hell is going on now ??!!

I asked the reason why
He said he just want to settle evrything
His homework, jobs and relationships
He needs time

A LAME reason !!

Are you trying to say BYE BYE to me ??
No way !!
My tears came out again !!
I just can't clam down ..
Heart broken !!
Can i stick all the PIECESSES with glu ??

He knew i am crying
And keep asking me not to cry
I were trying to pretend that i am ok and didn't cry
But i think i failed ...

Feel want to scold bad words
Feel want to scream as loud as i can
Feel want to hit something hard
Just want to realease myself from HURTED

" soh poh, i am sorry.. Please don't cry... "
He said
" Please give me some times, let me settle all the things.. "
I said
" i didn't cry arrr.. I am laughing arr.. Ahahahaha !! "
Damn FAKE ~

He said again
" You didn't need to cheat me.. I know what are you doing now. "

Fine !!
You don't know me !!
If you knew me, you wouldn't left me ALONE !!

Don't need to PRETEND you know me enough
I cried loudly ...

" If you met someome better than me, just be with him ...
I don't mind ... "
He said again
" If didn't have, i hope you will give me 1 more chance.. "
What can i say ...
I don't know what can i say ..
Really ~

" Soh poh, i am sorry.. I love you... "
Once he said this
I just hang up the phone
I didn't want to listen anything came out from his mouth
Specially I AM SORRY
Say sorry for wat ??!!

I hate him ??!!
Maybe ...
Hate him why he wants to left me alone
AiiksSssss _____

I couldn't stop crying
I couldn't sleep

Raining now
I miss him
I miss him

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Wen said...

i will support you..
just like how you support me (:

everything will be ok

EuGeNe said...

ahahahahah !!
i will be more stronger ~

yuhjiun said...

dun cry laa !
i noe da yitjin vry crazy punya~