20 December 2008

A for APPLE !!

I chatted with Kang again

He remember all the things that i told him
What i like to eat ??
I have how many siblings and their ages ??
My LAW ..
Blar blar blar _____
I don't even remember what i told him
My ex don't even know or remember all this !!

I asked him why he will remember all this
He said
" Don't know .. Just can't forget about it .. "
Sweet ??
Maybe ....
Slap myself to stay awake !!

I told him that i am so touched
Then he asked whether he won my boy ??
I said almost larr
Then he said he want to become the WINNER
And the price is ME

Swt ~
Why me ??!!
Why want to win me ??!!

He said
" Because i saw an APPLE in your eyes ... "

Why want apple ??
Why can't orange ??
And i prefer grapes too ...

Before we ended our conversation
He said he going to Singapore and will be back on Tuesday
I asked him go there for wat
He said go there kao lui
But don't have apple in their eyes ...
He sot !!

He said bye bye to me !!
He asked me to take care myself and don't make him worry about me
Sweet ??
Slap myself again ...

I am hearing ' Sing Along Song ' by Khalil Fong
This song is sweet !!
Someone can sing to me ??!!

Tell myself don't think too much
Maybe he is just joking to me
I slap myself AGAIN !!

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I will prefer apple someday

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