19 December 2008


Rivion damn down this few days
The reason is he broke up with his gf
At 1st he said he damn happy because he back to SINGLE life
But after that
I realized that he was not happy like before

One day
He suddenly came and chatted with me at MSN
He told me that he worked so hard during this holidays
Just for HER
But she didn't appreciate all the things he done
She didn't care about him
He told me that he is damn dissapoineted to her

One day again
He said he drunk
These was not the 1st day he drunk
He drunk for many days
He told me that she deleted him in FS
He said she is cruel ...

These were what i said to him
Listen to me
You just let her go
Maybe she is not BELONG to you
Just let her go ~

But he kept saying that don't know and he can't
I continued
Why don't you give her a chance to have a new love ?!
Why don't you give urself a chance to have a new love too ?!
He damn annoying ...

I were getting angry !!
I said again
You don't want to listen me , nvm ...
Me as a girl and a friend of you
I just can give you an advice

There are so many girls in the world
Maybe you will meet a girl that is better than her
You done so many things for her
But she didn't appreciate
Then why do you still want to care about her ??
You look like a shit now ~
Just because of a girl ...

Am i too rude to him ??
Am i saying something wrong to him ??
I don't know ...
I know i am BRAINLESS !!

But finally he woke up !!
He told me that he will be happy
He will be more better than now
He wants to show her that he will be happy also although without her
He wants her to feel regret

OMG !!
Finally !!
Ahahahahahaha !!

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