27 December 2008

Fu-yoh !!

Damn busy yesterday !!
Guess what ??
I sang in front of people in Open House Party at my uncle's house
Ahahahahaha !!
I sang ' She Will Be Loved ' by Maroon 5
I was BRAVE enough but scared me !!
Luckily i didn't do any mistakes
Phewwww ______

Chatted with Kang before i went for practise with my cousin
He said i am cute ( am i ?? =.= )
He said he will worry about me
Sweet ??
Maybe ...
Ahahahaha !!

He off9 when i finished my practise
I leave a msg to him
I was started to MISS him ...
Eeyeeerrr _____

I on9 again in the night
Guess what again ...
Kang leave msg to me
He apologize to me because he went for tuition just now
He told me something also ...
Something that made me HAPPY, SWEET, SCARE and NERVOUS

I think all of you can guess it
If couldn't then you were STUPID !!
Ahahahahaha !!

I am HAPPY !!

I will DISAPPEAR for 7 days
I am going to Taiwan ...
Wootsss ____
So i miss all of you Babe !!

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I love Apple
Apple love me ??

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