03 January 2009


I am back from Taiwan !!
Wootssss _____

Honestly this trip was quite fun because we went to many places
But i think there was not enough time for us
We just simply visited, took some SOT pics then back to the bus again
Somemore we just had 30 minutes til 1 hour for shopping
Eyeeerr _____

When we were shopping at pasar malam
We saw many leng zaiS at there !!

Why Kepong don't have gehhh ...
I move to there better !!

There was many teenagers
Vincent, Nelson, Jason, Yvone, Angeline, Pinky, Grace, Jeff, Henna ( my sis ) and me
We played til CRAZY every night
Til ppl asked us stop making noise ...
Ahahahaha !!

We couldn't go out for countdown at Tower 101 because there was too crowded
So we just celebrated in the room
Once 12am, we could see the fireworks through the windows
We opened the windows and shouted
" Happy New Year !! Wooooooooooo _______ "
Sounds stupid ~

We went the Flying Cow Field
The tourist guard told me that the cows will fly when 3am in the midnight
Cows will FLY geh mehhh ??!!

There was many foods there too
Black hotdog, beef noodles, blar blar blar _____
We kept eating and eating and eating
OMG !!
I FAT adi !!

We didn't see somethings that are popular in Malyasia !!
For 7 days !!
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~

I miss TAIWAN !!

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Didn't see Apple for 7 days
Miss Apple ..
Apple miss me ??

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