15 December 2008

Should i ??

I chat with Kang today
He is a funny guy, nice person, friendly, got a bit crazy person
But he becomes spechless when he is chatting with me
Am i too crazy ??

I told him that i like a guy
Hmmmm ...
Who is that ??
Guess urself larrr ...

H0h0h0h0h0 !!

He asks
" Why don't you tell him lerrr ... "
Not i don't want to tell him
Just i don't know how he feels
I say
" I am not brave enough larrr ~ "
He is saying nothing
Ahahahahahaha !!

Should i tell him that i like him ??
I don't think so ...
Somes said he likes me
Somes said he likes other girls
Somes said i think too much
Blar blar blar _____
Many and many and many opinions !!

I keep it in my HEART
Yeaaaaaa ~
I love you !!

i think about (fucking) you all the (fucking) time Pictures, Images and Photos


Keith said...

HAHA! the pic damn funny~

Shumeen said...

yea. da pic

EuGeNe said...

ahahahahaha !!
nice pic man !!