14 December 2008

Tagged by Kenke !!

Do you mind, if your opposite gender partner:

Go clubbing: Don't get over larr, and tell me bef0re you go
Smoke: Don't smoke in front me !! I mind !!
An alcoholic: Ok lar, but don't get over
Do drug: I call police to catch you !! MIND !!
Did sex before : Use condom lar plssss ~ =.=
Watch porn : Normal larr ~
Steal something you like for you: Don't ever steal
Skipped work/ classes just to meet you : Concentrate on your work better
Forget about anniversary: A good reason plssss
Use all his savings to plan a surprise for anniversary : N0 need lar ..
Bought a very ugly clothing for present : If he put his heart on it

If your opposite gender lied about the following situation, what action will you take?

It is middle of the night, he/ she told you that he/ she is going to bed, but instead he went out with friends : Why don't you tell me honestly ??!!
Your opposite gender told you that he/ she is going out with a friend that you know, but you saw him/ her in the mall with his ex- boyfriend/ girlfriend: Reason plssss !!
Describe your ideal opposite gender : Good in studies, sports and music, nice person, understanding me, make me laugh when i am sad, love me !!

I tag
Yuh Jiun
Thong Yen
Jie Jun

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