15 January 2009

Me . Fool

Ah hemm ..
I din update my blog for a few days
Blame my connection !!
Grrrr ~

I can't remember when was the last time i talked to him ...
I think it was 4 days ago !!
4 days ??!!
I miss him !!
Honestly, seriously, damn ....
My brain just BLANKED

I am just CRAZY
I will laugh like hell when i were chatting with him
He is cute and funny ~
Hohohohohohoh !!

Guess he was going to give me up ??
Guess he was going to forgt about me ??
Guess he was going to wish me live happily ??
I don't know ...

I gt something important to tell him
Damn important for ME
He doesn't care about me anymore ??
Think so ..

I am just a FOOL
I LAUGH at myself

Forgetting you Pictures, Images and Photos

Nothing to do
Nothing to say
I just keep my mouth shut

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