11 January 2009

My Sunday

Today is Sunday
I were going to tuition at 1.30 in the afternoon
I hate tuition larrr, but have to attend too ~
Eeeeeee ______

Jun Liang has a new pet in his house
A new dog, Poodle in white colour
It name is Jojo
Damn cute !!
Someboday can buy a dog for me ??!!
Think nobody will ...

Went back home at 3.3o in the evening
Than went to my grandmum's hse
It's has been long time i didn't go there
Luckily she still rmb me

Went back home at 4.30 in the evening
I on9 immediately because i want to know whether he's there or not
Hmm ...
Long time didn't chat wif him adi
Actually just 1 day ...
Finally i saw HIM
My dearest him ..

I saw his leave a msg for me in MSN
He said
" Don't regret, maybe you have CHANCE .. "
OMG !!

I hate Sundays because school on the other days
Before that ..
But start from today i think i will love Sundays

Heart ? Pictures, Images and Photos

A lots of suprises today

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