10 January 2009


Aaaaaaaa !!
I am damn damn damn STUPID !!
I were not susposed to tell him that i like him ...
Iiissshhh ______

I asked him after that day
He just couldn't believe that and thought i were kidding
OMG !!
Did i sounds or looks joking that time ??!!
Felt want to scold him " You are stupid !! " that time
And ask him to think watever he likes
I am just ...
NOTHING ______

Feel like he doesn't want to talk with me
Feel like he started to escape from me
Feel like i made him

Feel like i scared him
Feel like i gets hurted
Feel like i am just crazy
Feel like everything going to OVER
Is it ??

I am just nothing
I am just ...
Is it better if i kept it in my HEART ??
Think so ...
Grrrr ~


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I love him !!
I miss him !!
I regret

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