07 February 2009

5 February 2009

Going to talk about this day
We were going for Squard duty in school in the morning
Mojojo, Jwen, Kuik, Kah Chuah, Swing, Xing Ti and so on..
Mojojo brought along her camera and hp
We kept taking pictures
Chik - chack ~ !! Chik - Chack ~ !!

Looked like siao za bo
Ahahahahaha !!

Kah Chuah, fei hao and me ( he is damn cute !! )

Je Pin and I ( we are pak tor-ing, dun distrub !! jk xD )

Us !! ( Kuik, Jwen, Swing, Xing Ti, Me, Mojojo and Kah Chuah )

Jump babe jump !!
Burn the ants
Mojojo and I =)

Hohohohohohoho !!
Damn fun that day ..
I miss that day ~

Visit to Mojojo's blogspot to see more pictures

Bring ur camera again

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Mun said...

really having fun that day XD