07 February 2009

4 February 2009

Today is my birthday
Hohohohohohoho !!
Recieve a present from my sister
She didn't give me any present before, think so
This is the first time
Touched .. !!

Once Meen Dar reaches at canteen
I hug her and she wishes me Happy Birthday
I saw her msg this morning, think she is the second person who wishes me
Many of my friends wish me once they saw me
So happy that they still rmb my birthday

Meen Dar gives a birthday card to me
All the wishes from all my friends
Thnx for everything .. !!
Love you babe !!
It's a Apple shape
She knows i love apple and the reason why
Hohohohohohohoh !!

Jun Kit said want to treat me today
But he brokes the promise
Grrrr ~
I can forgive him because his mum doesn't allow
Rmb to treat me next time .. !!
My free meals

My only regret
He can't come here and celebrate with me
He doesn't know how to come my school
But he draws a birthday card for me

Tadaaaaa ______
Damn cute lar weyhhh ____

I just can't stopped laughing when i saw this
Not because what
Just because I am too happy .. !!
Ahahahahahah !!

Thnx Kang for everything ..
Love you babe .. !!

Hahas !!

1 comment:

Thong Yen said...

so sweet !!
envy u lar