01 February 2009

BACK again ..!!

Long time didn't update my blog again
Quite busy during this Chinese New Year
Went those uncles aunties' hse to take ang pau
Then went to my friends' hse to take ang pau and played

I kept eat and eat and eat during this few days
I didn't scare fat at all .... ??
Don't care lar
Lalalalalala _______

Took many ang pau !!
Did anyone willing to donate 50% of the ang pau to me ??!!

He sicks again !!
Asked me take care of myself
Den sendiri sick pulak _____
Asked you take care of yourself geh lar
Say the same things again .. ??
Drink more water and rest more
You fever .. !!

My the only one REGRET
I didn't go Tine's hse !!
I am so so so so ... ??
They were having fun at there for sure
Mojojo, Xing Ti, Meen dar, blar blar blar ______
Iissh ~

School reopen soon
Back to school life again

:) Pictures, Images and Photos

My love . my boy
My babe . my man


Shumeen said...

will have the chance to gather again.
miss ya

EuGeNe said...