02 February 2009

Single Ladies

I keep listening to " Single Ladies " by Beyonce recently
The rythem of this song makes me wanna dance along
Hohohohohoho !!
I'm a single ladies ~ i'm a single ladies .. !!

I shared this song with Kido in Youtube
He said Beyonce shakes her body like hell in her MV
I didn't mention you to see how she shakes her body lar .. !!
Crazy lar you .. !!

Kido gave me watch a video about a guy copies the dance of " Single Ladies "
OMG !!
I felt want to vomit when i watched
Damn that guy .. !!
He dances til damn ugly lar weyhh _____
I should ask Kido to dance, maybe his dance better than that guy
What a good suggestion .. !!

Damn worry about him now
His sick seems quite serious now, but i can't help him anything
Just trying to make him feels happy
Sometimes i just feel that he don't need me
Hahas .. !!


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