12 March 2009

Cheer Up !!

These few days were having reheasel for Sport's Day
Damn busy and busy and BUSY !!
I think this kind of busy life will only end up after this Saturday

We didn't go into the class for almost 1 week
Damn syiok lar
But our leader trained us like hell
Repeated the same thing if couldn't do correctly
We kept on rolling on the floor in the hall and field
Think we were helping the kakak sewpt the floor

Kuan Tee asked us to practise under the big sun
And I stood under the big sun without applied sunblock
That's why i become darker
Many people said i look like Malay girl
Good ler ~
Someone buy me the sunblock .. ??!!

Many of them said that blue and red house damn geng
Wootsss _____
Some said blue house will be the winner
Some said red house will be
Eyeeer ______
Must be RED house !!

May Ann cried today in the canteen during our recess time
Quite scared me
At first i thought her tom-yam made she cried
She is too stress
Think so ..
Just relax lar
Phewwwwww ________

Kuan Tee and May Ann quite angry with us
Because we didn't do what they want
We didn't smile
We shouted too fast
Blar blar blar _____
A lots of problems !!
Grr ~
PS : Blue house don't too happy yar !!

My hand is bleeding now because rolled on the field today
Think i kena the sand

Ala ~
Anywany all the houses just do your best !!
Enjoy it !!

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