28 March 2009

IR Night !!

28 March 2009
IR Night was hold at the Segi College on the Saturday night
Damn excited ~

I woke up early in the morning and went to school
Attended extra class for Sejarah
I waited for Swing after i reached school
Siapa tau she was nt feeling well so i had to be alone

After 2 hours for the class, I met with Swing in the canteen
Both of us took bus together
Swing was coming to my hse !!

I showed her some of my clothes because she wanted to borrow
Finally she decided to wear a dress in blue colour
After i was having my lunch and bathed
Both of us took bus went back to school again
Her mother was coming to fetch us

After Swing bathed and took all her things
Than we rush to Kah Chuah hse
Ah Kin was there too
He was so damn leng zai and gentleman
All of the girls just rush and rush and rush
Phewwww _________

Went to the school and we was going to follow school's tranport
All of us just shy to go into the canteen
So we just stood outside the school
Den kept taking pics and pics and pisc
But we went into there finally, because damn tired by standing with high heels
Saw a lots of girls and boys

The bus came finally and we get into it
Reached there in half an hour
Saw damn many many many people there
Just couldn't believe that i met my primary classmates
Hahas !!
Damn happy to meet them back
But someone kept bully me
Grr ~

Saw Dixon Loh them
I saw Marcus !!
He is cute man .. i am not going to fall in love with him

After all the teachers gave out their speech
We started to get the food
8.3opm is Earth Hour
They switched off all the lights and lighted up the candles

1990's !! Our school band ..
Great performance !!
Made all the girls crazy for them

A girl and a boy from Bkt Maluri sang too
I love that guy's voice !!
He sang damn well
When they were singing, I danced with Amer !!
Woohoooo ~
Both of us just kept shake our butts
Hahas !!

Amer dated with me for 5 seconds
1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5 ..
Tadaaaa _____
I back to single again !!

At the end of the show
Everyone just getting so damn high
Amer pulled me went infront of the stage
We were not dancing at there
We were jumping at there

After that Kah Chuah joined us too
She became very high and pulled me up to the stage
When she went down from the stage, she fell down !!
OMG !! Damn worry about her ...
But all the guys damn gentleman, they helped her
Thnx God ~
And damn paiseh because i didn't help you immediately

Back to school at 11pm in the night
Damn high, unfortunately didn't drunk

I will upload the pics as fast as possible
Because i really damn busy and lazy oso

Comments :
Kah Chuah, you really damn high !! And you looked great also ~ !!
Swing, so unfortunately you sick, if not .. Hoho !!
Jwen, you looked lady.. Hahas !!
Ah Kin, thnx for being our partner, and damn took good care of us


KahYee said...

I fall down...

EuGeNe said...

hahas !!
it's ok lar
huiyo ______