26 March 2009

23 March 2009
Today is school reopen day
Wake up late in the morning, nearly miss my bus
Reach the school, damn happy because meet all the friends
Damn miss them, almost 1 week din see their face adi

Hear from Kah Chuah about she is going to IR Night on this coming Saturday
I am still blur-ing about what is the meaning of IR ..
I think maybe something like prom night and have to wear formal dress
Feel want to go because didn't go before .. i come from kampung

Fatty and Kah Chuah tell me the story about Jwen fainted in Midvalley
And how did they rescue her
I just can't stop laughing
Laughing like hell and laughing dead

Go to the assembly ground
Then go to the hall because have don't know what Pencegahan Jenayah
=.= what the hell is that
A prefect comes and forces Jwen and I cut our fingernails
Ignore him, just simply cut it
Woohooo ~

We go back to the class after that unknown programe
During the recess time
We just keep asking who is going to IR Night
Our gang seems quite many people going
Hoho !!

24 March 2009
Wake up in the morning, my sister aren't beside me
Where is she .. ??
Think she is still rushing for her assignments
University's life .. assignment assignment and assignment

Go to the study room and i saw her are lying on the bed
She says that she is not feeling very well
I touch her forehead
OMG !!
She is sick

Wet a towel with cold water and put it on her forehead
Rush to downstair to get medicines and a bottle of water for her
Hey, i can be a good nurse !!

Hope my sis will get well soon

25 March 2009
Stay back today because have to go for Chamber Of Music
Hard to bring my guitar to school because the guitar quite hard to get into the car
I think will bring someday, but don't know when

Having my lunch in the canteen with my gang
I saw MJ !!
He stays back oso, think going to take bus together later
But i not dare to ask him what is the time he is going back

Once i am ready to ask him and walk towards him
He gone with his friends !!
Forget about it

Go to the hall and sing along with Christine and Meen
Hmm ..
Really long time didn't sing with Meen adi
Hoho !!

Go back to the canteen after the activity
Christine went back home, Meen went back home
Everyone went back home !!
But me, luckily Soon Zee is willing to accompany me
Sit at the astaka with him
Craps a lots with him while waiting MJ to come back from outside
That fella maybe went to cc or playing bsb

The sky getting darker and darker
Seems it is going to rain
It's time to go home, think have to be alone AGAIN !!

Waiting the bus at the bus stop
Saw someone was walking towards me
Ok, someone is Jun Kit
And follow by Hu Hong, MJ and 1 more guy .. forget who is he
Finally that fella appears !!
But he is not going back home with me but going to play bsb with them

Annoyed me

Going to tuition, sms ask Yumin whether going to go IR Night with me
NO !!
He is not going ..
Good, i adi book a ticket for him ..
Make a call to MJ
He is not free on this Saturday night !!
Who am i going to find to replace that fella ??!!

I sms Mr. Kang when i am tuition-ing
He din reply me

27 March 2009
Blocked by the prefect today because of my hair !!
Please lar weyhh ____
My hair is short enough and i cut it during school holiday
Fcuk you lar !!
Have to pin up tmr, if not going to cut by school next week

Pay the money to Sue San for the IR Night
Hope everyhting will be alright on that day
Halleluyah ~

Rain damn heavily after school
Decide want to go Jusco actually but now seems can't
Go back with Hong Shen's car
His aunty says that i am his gf
Zadao ~ !!

Thursday today
Without any tuition
Wootsss ______

Friday tmr
Going to stay back and go out with Adeline
Prepare for Saturday

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