22 March 2009

My Sunday

Today is the last day for the school holidays
Have to back to school tmr
Sports Day was overed, think don't have any chance to skip the class wtf
Yor !!

Read through the newspaper today
Saw an advertisment about a trip to Bali
Woootsss _______
I want to go
Bali is nice babe !!
Showed this advertisment to my dad
But he said too expensive adi, almost RM 2000 per person
Forget about it ..

After tuition, went to swimming at the aparment nearby
The guard didn't allow me to go in because i am not living at there
So i had to climb through the pagar

Long time didn't swim adi, almost lemas mati
God bless me, alleluyah ~
Took some pics at there
Not going to upload ( 18PL )

Walked back home after enjoyed in the swimming pool
Going to having dinner with my aunty

Hey, i will be back !!

photography( bikini ) Pictures, Images and Photos
i heart bikini !! =)

SMILE today

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