05 May 2009


Today was the Big Day for every Form 4 classes
Yea ! English Singing Competition

I was late to wake up today !
This was not my 1st time
Should i blame it on my dad because he didn't set his clock
I rushed into the toilet, then rushed out from the toilet
Rushed out from the house, and finally rushed to the school
Once i reached the school, the bell rang
And En.Ong didn't come today !
Woohoooo ~

Went back to the class and planned something with Swing and Yong Xin
It was all about the performance !
Well, we planned at last minutes

After we had plan all the things and started to practise
Our Biology teacher, Pn.Go came and asked us to go lab immediately
The reason was our " beloved " Pn.Wong wanted to do the observation
Well, i brought my Biology text book for the 1st time
All of us were pretending so well today
Paying full attention and listening to teacher
Did some notes and answered the question
Pura-pura siaaaa !

Recess time
Swing asked all the students went to the foyer once after the recess time
We had to practise for a few times !
But unfortunately, we had no chance and no time to practise

It was our turn to performed
Our gang from 4K and 4B class cheered for us
Hahas !
During the performance, Ah Soon and KitZai did something funny at the back
Then Bryan and Chu Liang did the same thing too
Think many students curious about what were they doing
And maybe some were laughing dead

Went down from the stage and syiok sendiri di sana
I was satisfied with our performance today
Maybe it was worst but at least we did it and did it well too
Al least we did give up at the last minutes
And we sang for her too

Well, performance from 4M class was so damn funny
Specially when they were singing ... ( forget which song )
Saw a few guys were jumping at the back
I saw you ! Marcus !
Ahahahahahaha !
And Aaron was the conductor
Huiyo _______

After the competition, it was Miss.Khung's Add Maths lesson
So all of us decided to ponteng at the astaka !
And the astaka became the Battleground
Soon Zee, Ah Soon, Keng Shuen and some guys were break dancing
Damn kek sui and we all laughed like hell
The bell rang and it was time to go home !
Oh ! Home Sweet Home !

Another news from my friend
His father passed away on Labour's Day
I am so sorry to hear that
Ah Gan, cheer up !
Everything will be alright !

Random pic of me ! =)

I love you ?

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