01 May 2009

Movie !

Today, i woke up at around 1.30pm in the afternoon

I went for a movie with my sis and her friends at IU
The time was 12.30am in the midnight
Wow ~
Her friend fetched us at around 11pm to 1U
When we reach there, i saw many people were going back to home
While we just reached there and was going for a movie
Went to the cinema and bought the tickets
We were going to watch X-Man:Wolverine !
Damn happy and excited !

Still gt 1 hour and 30 minutes to go
We played pool !
Well, i really don't know how to play and this was my 1st time too !
So, my sis's friend taught me how to play
I felt that my poses damn weird
Finally i knew how to play !
Woohoooo ~
Hey anyone want to play ajak me lar

After that, we just sat down and had some coffee
Saya minum Milo panas
Bought popcorns and entered to the Room 12 !
Couldn't wait to watch the movie
I thought i will fall asleep in the cinema seemed i was so tired, but i didn't !
Maybe too excited ?

While i was watching movie, the couple sat beside me was damn ..
They kept hug together
And then the boy put his hand ..
I was just like Walao !
I think i better continued to watch the movie

The movie finished at 3.30am in the midnight
Yam cha at Kepong Baru before went back to home
We reached home at 4.30am
I was extreamly tired !
I get into bed immediately after i took off my lens

I don't rmb how many days i didn't talk to him

X-Man: Wolverine !

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