27 April 2009


25 April 2009
Today was the big day for my Meen Dar
She was going to take part in a singing competition at Station 1, Aman Puri
And i was going to support her !
Woohoooo ~

Woke up around 8.30am in the morning
Ate my breakfast and lunch
Bathed and waiting for Bei Bei to call me
The day before she told me she was coming
But she didn't tell Meen Dar about it because she wanted to give her suprise

Saw damn many people once i reached there
I just couldn't believe that Mei Yee them came along too
And also Bei Bei's family
I didn't order anything although i haven't ate my lunch
Because those food are not cheap u know ?!
I am almost bankrap lar woi ~

My Dar said she is damn damn damn nervous and scare will forget the lyrics
I just told her relax and take and deep breathe
When she was singing on the stage
I was singing along with her
Hahas !

After she performed, then i felt hungry
Bei Bei, Meen Dar and i went to the Mcd to eat something
Hmm ..
Chatted a lot with Bei Bei !

Went back home around 5pm
Bei Bei, lets go out again !
Hahas !
And for my Meen Dar
You did so well today, although you can't get into final
But you really did so well today !
Congratz !

Captured by Bei Bei

Captured by Meen Dar

Meen Dar and I <3

Bei Bei and I <3

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