12 June 2009

Smile Please !

11 June 2009
Today is Thursday
Woke up early, going to date with my primary schoolmate
He is ..
Tadaaa ______ GonnaZaii, Jia Seng

Actually we wanted to go Mid valley
But seemed my mum didn't allowed me go out with boy
So, we changed our plan and went to Jusco
Jusco, a boring place ?

My mum fetched me there seemed she wanted to go Pos Office
Said meet at 1pm at front door, but i was being late !
Hey boy, really sorry to make you wait !

After met him up at Popular, went yam cha at Uncle John
Chatted a lots and crapped a lots too

He really changes a lots for me
Look more leng zai and cute, thinking mature than before too
Oi boy, i know you taller than me, white than me
Don't be so proud !

GonnoZaii quite gentleman
He was willing to accompany me waited for the bus, although it was raining
He scared I kena kidnap
Haha !

Eh didn't take pic with you today
Don't care, next time must take pic with you !
Ajak me again, so that i can take pic with you

At night, went to pasar malam with my family after dinner
There were crowded and made me kept on sweating
I hope i can go home faster , but my mum seemed very enjoy

Went my uncle's house again
I love the decoration of my uncle's house
There has a big mirror at the dining room

Boring ?
So, took out my camera and started to perasan


Hey, i smile ! :D

Went home around 11.30pm
Home Sweet Home
I love my blanket

12 June 2009
Today is Friday
The school holiday is going to end
Happy ?
Sure, i can meet all my friends !
Sad ?
Sure, i want to sleep until noon !

Woke up at 12.30pm
Changed my clothes and went saloon, i was going to cut my hair
Well, my hair is shorter than before !
Looks weird, maybe i haven used to it
But honestly, i miss my long hair
I look so man now !

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I smile !

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