20 July 2009

Be Proud .

Well, i am going to write about the night
Malam Kebudayaan of SMK Kepong Baru !

18 July 2009
It was Saturday today !
Straight away On9 after came back from my art class
Damn happy because going to watch my buddies' band performance tonight
And and and, HE is going too !
Ghaaaaaaa ! :D

Started to prepare everything around 5.30pm
After that, went to my grandmum's house to have my dinner
Just ate a little bit and rushed to my school

Reached there around 6.30pm and called Meen Darling
They were busy for preparing their show
Saw many students came this year
And saw some of the girls make up too
Once i saw Kang Wan - our class most handsome and special guy
I was like O_O
What the hell ?! Later got fashion show keh ?
Lol ?

Mojojo, Xing Ti, Ling and others reached around 7pm
We went to the foyer and met up with others and Paradisers
Gave Meen Darling a big big hug and whispered something to her
Unfair ?
Sure not lar, gave Swing, Kah Yee, Jwen and Tine a big hug
Looking forward for their show .

Unfortunately, my camera charger spoiled !
Didn't take any pics for today .

Went into the hall and waited for their show
My friend, GonnaZaii came around 8.30pm
Hey, sorry that made you felt boring that night

Around 9.30pm, the moment that we had waited for long time
All of us were standing on the chair and shouting like hell
GonnaZaii faced speechless .
Haha !

1st song, Beautiful Love by Tanya
We waved our hands
2nd song, My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
Ling and me started to get high
3rd song, First Day by Sun Yan Zi
All of us were HIGH !

Encore Encore Encore !
Here's the Home Coming by Hey Monday
All of us went up to the stage and syiok sendiri
Aww ~ the most crazy that i did in this year !
Haha !

After Paradise, i went into the hall and chatted with GonnaZaii
The people in the hall seemed left only half
Chatted with Swee Ee of course, asked him to ajak for supper
He ignored me !
You are so Dead .

Overheard someone kept mention the girl in front of you
Pretending didn't care but actually i did !

Dad came and fetched me up around 10.30pm
Before leaving, Meen Darling asked me for supper
Unfortunately i couldn't, transport problem .
Once again, gave her a big hug again !

Felt wanna run into your hug that time
But i didn't

Well done to Paradise
All of you did the great job and i am damn proud of you !
Looking forward for the next show !
Ghaaaaaaaaa !

19 July 2009
Today is Sunday and i supposed to sleep until noon
I woke up quite pretty early in the morning - 6am !
Leave my house around 6.30am and went to the park near my house

Dark around and it seemed dangerous for a girl
Called Yong Xin and met with her at basketball
Great ! She brought a basketball with no air ?
Played basketball while waiting for Cathssy
Tak ada basketball, so jogging lor

Hong Shen came around 7.45am and we went to the restaurant for breakfast
Went back home after breakfast

Honestly, this was my 1st time hanging out with Cathssy
Love her lot !
Sorry for the mistake that i did before .

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I miss him Badly !

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