18 July 2009

The Days.

Emo recently without any reason
Sucks !

15 July 2009
Today is Wednesday
Waited for the bus with Yong Xin after school
We planned to watch movie at Jusco
Wanna watch Ice Age 3 because i haven't watch it
Unfortunately she watched it
Too bad _____

So we decided to watch Public Enemies
Johny Deep !
Ghaaaaaaa ! <3

Reached there and rushed to the cinema
Gosh ! there was only 4 movies
Satu, Drag Me To Hell
Dua, Transformer 2
Tiga, Ice Age 3
Empat, Obsessed

Hey, where is my Johny Deep ?!
" Let's watch Drag Me To Hell, babe ! "
" They won't give the tickets to us, 18PL lar ! "
" Too bad .. "

At last, we went to the food court to have our lunch
Found a nice place and chatted a lot there
I realized that we have the same personalities
An ordinary Aquarius ?

Heard something that really made me upset
She talked something bad about me behind me but act nothing front of me
Well, damn sad because i treat her as my buddy

Nvm lar, maybe i really did something wrong
* SIGH *

Went back home with Yong Xin around 4.30pm
And we still chatting !

I am going to say thank you to Yong Xin
She really taught me a lot

17 July 2009
Today is Friday
Merentas Desa today !
Damn excited .

Woke up early in the morning as usual
But my bag was lighter because didn't bring any books
Reached school and all the students were wearing t-shirt
After having assembly, we put our bag at class and back to assembly ground again

Aktiviti memanaskan badan, the funniest part ?
Guess so .
The sky became darker and seemed wanna rain
Noooo ~ we all wearing WHITE t-shirt .

1..2..3..start !
Ran and ran and ran
Ran as fast as i could
Yong Xin was in front of me
Run babe run !

Finally reached the ending line
The journey was 5km .
Yeah !
Went to the class with Yong Xin
Gosh ! Staircase, our class at highest floor
We were tired like hell and went up slowly
But Reuben went faster although behind us

My leg going to broke.

18 July 2009
Today is Saturday
Such a big big day for Paradise !

Going to watch their performance at school at night in school
Yea, Malam Kebudayaan

All the best babe !
Prove to them that you all can do the best !

A special wish for my Meen Darling, but i think she won't see it
Gambateh !
You just have to think of me
Ghaaaaa !
And he will be watching at you
* WINK *

- The End -

We Can't Be Couple ?


Monster said...


Shumeen said...

Dar~ thanks.
love u so!!!

Eugene ! said...

Monster : Gheeee ____ =D

Darling : Love you too ! xD

eminey626 said...

v r crazy yesterday xD

Eugene ! said...

haha ! yea yea
i think we have to improve our skill too
the skill of shouting .