11 July 2009

Open Day !

First of all
Happy Birthday to me babe, Swing !
Sorry for the belated birthday wish and couldn't celebrate with you
Next year lar, promise .
Hope you have a happy sweet sixteen

Thought i can't see you ? I see you . O_O

And also the little cute girl, Yi Leng
Although i am not very closed to you
But we were classmate since form 1
Good in study, sometimes copy her homework
Sorry just a wish, don't have only present
Want my kiss ?
Haha !

Going to write about 10 July 2009, Friday
Yea yea, it was our school Open Day
Nervous and Scare

Woke up early in the morning as usual
Went to school as usual
Having assembly as usual
Copied friend's homework as usual seemed going to pass up

The parents talked with our teacher, Pn,Go Tsing Tsing
Some of us stood beside and keep adding the oil on the fire
Some of us just stood outside the class waiting for their own parent
While my gang were busying took pics

Swing and Me !

My mum and brother came around 10.30pm
I was damn worry
Would teacher complain about me ?
Would teacher tell my mum about i always skipped the lessons ?
Ahhhhh _______

Once teacher showed my result to my mum
My mum face was like ...
Gosh ! i am going to die tonight .
Teacher told my mum that i always didn't pass up her homework.
Yea yea, i have to admit that
Teacher said i have to work more hard on Add Maths and Chemistry
Yea yea, i know it too

Luckily teacher helped me too
She said actually i am a good student, just sometimes too busy for QM stuffs and cheer leading until skipped a lot of lessons
And she didn't tell my mum that i ponteng !
Awww ~ thnx teacher !

Oh yea, i promised to teacher that i will pass up her Biology homework on Monday

Forget something, we sang birthday song to our beloved BC teacher, Pn.Ong C.C
And and and the Tangki, Xuxu Ling !
PS : Their birthday song supposed to sing tmr

Both of them damn touched
Well, Xuxu Ling cried !
Siao poh lar her .
Haha !
Gave her a big big hug too

After took the result, lunched at my uncle's restaurant and fetched my brother to school

Night, my mum showed my result to my dad
My dad didn't say anything, but i know he was angry

Hey, i will work harder !
Didn't for whole day today .
What a miracle

11 July 2009
I woke up quite early in the morning, without my bro's kick
Ate my breakfast and straight away on9
Here i am blogging.

Going to art class at 1pm , but i haven't bath and wearing my pyjamas

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