06 July 2009


Long time din update my bloggie
Feel want to blog actually but i don't know what to blog

Chatted with Jason's sisters, Nicole and Tracy
Nice girls and pretty too !
Well, Jason went and dumped his sisters at Malaysia
Hmm ..
Can't say he dumped them
He went there because of his work

Hey Jason, must take care of yourself
Beware to H1N1 too !
Don't kena ok ?!
Once you come back, rmb to ajak me out
Come back on my birthday is the best, so that i can get my present
Haha !

Rmb my buah tangansssss too
I want chocolates !
Please don't buy me the kangaroo key chain

Sure lar, don't ever forget to miss me !
And i will miss you for sure, don't worry .
I know you won't see this post, but this is all i wanna tell, but i can't have the chance.

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Ok, back to the topic !
Siao za bo, Yuh Jiun ajak me for a movie tmr - Ice Age 3
We decided to ask Xing Ti and Mojojo seemed just 2 of us
BUT they are going to bake cake
So, next week lar !
Joeeeeee, i want cake juga .

Recently i am busying for ... NOTHING !
But doesn't mean i am free what
Normal life
Wake up, school, homework, computer, tuition, eat, sleep
Repeat the same thing on the next day
Not include Saturdays, because i got extra on this day - Art Class

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Hmm ..
Feel wanna find another art center
I wanna learn something new
Not only water colour, but something like .. Oil painting ?
Yea .
I know it is quite hard to find, hard to learn, and it is expensive too !

My idol - Eason Chan !

My ambition is to be an architect
Quite unbelievable
If my ambition achieve, i can build my own house, my own building
In .. love shape ?
No No No !
Sounds weird .
Give me some times to think about it - the shape

Hey, maybe i will change my ambition someday
Haha !

If i really can't find work in the future, i think i can become a camera girl ?
Or photographer ?
My sis told me that
Lol ?

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My sis named Henna
22 years old this year, but she always said she is 21 years old
Cut short hair last few weeks, but i prefer her long hair
167cm is her height and she is only .. 48kg ?
Her friends like to called her Zombie

She is a part time model, actually she just wants to take some experience
Don't ask me why i can't be a model like her
Because i am not tall enough !
And my sis's height considers as the shorter among them

She is studying beside me now
Concentrate-ing !
Very very concentrate
Food Science and Nutrition
I will never take this course

That's all about my sis

Still got 20 mins and i am going to off9
Fast babe ! just write anything i like .

Why don't you talk to me at school ?!
Am i look scary ?!
I am friendly what ..
Siao .

And you, you owe me a kiss !
Shhh _____

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Need to work hard for the coming exam
If i pass, then i am going
If i can't pass, then i just stay
Don't ask me where i am going, when i am going, why i am going

I am not willing to leave here
I will miss everyone
I will cry

I am wondering he is missing me ?
I am wondering the day without me ?
I am wondering what will going on after 2 years ?

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The End !
Would you remember me ?

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