02 August 2009

August !

Say hello to August !
And say Goodbye to July !

Hmm ..
15 August 2009.
Test Test Test !
God Bless Me

I am not willing to leave her - Meen Darling
I am not willing to leave him - but he is not mine
I am not willing to leave anyone
I am not willing to leave here

Nothing else can write .
Going for dinner later !
Ciaossssssss !

I miss him !


Shumeen said...

i wont let you leave...

but... it's good if you really leave.
good for your future.

but i just cant willing to let you leave... =(

Eugene ! said...

well, darling
still got chance wan lar .
don't worry
i wont try my best .
aha !

Shumeen said...

wont try your best?
da pi gu!
this is a gold chance.
all the best


eminey626 said...

o.O wat test???
u wan go where??!!!

Eugene ! said...

Haha !
i will tell you all soon
be patient babe !

darling ...