07 August 2009

The Birthday .

6 August 2009
Today is Thursday


Tadaaaa !
She is my sister, Henna.
Well, this picture was quite long time ago and she had long curly hair
Now, she is having short hair

Today was her big day - her birthday !
Usually, owe will celebrate with her and she will celebrate with her friends too
But thies year, we didn't celebrate ?!
Because of having exam this month, my sister doesn't want to hang out
My daddy doesn't even buy a cake for her .

Opsssss ! i forgot about her present some more
Anyway, big girl adi, and you are adi 22 years old
Don't say you are still in the age of 21 years old
You are old, hottie !
Haha !


7 August 2009
Today is Friday
I always love Fridays !

Went to school as usual
Stayed back with Adeline and had lunch with her after school
Swee Ee still owe me a meal !
Met Jun Kit, Mun Jun, Hu Hong, Chun Kiat and an unkwon guy
Jun Kit grabbed my hp and ran away
I had to chase me to get my hp back !
Pi Gu lar you .

Back to school after having lunch
Went to basketball and watched them played basketball
Aaron came and he started to run here and there
His running pose got a bit like ... animation ?
I think he watched too many Naruto ?

He just like a hyperactive fella, but suddenly became damn emo !
Lol .

Curi-curi played the basketball with Jun Kit and Adeline while others buying water
He said i look like siao poh !

Mr.DJ fetched Adeline and I went home
Thnx uncle ! we owe you .
Gheeeeeeee _______ :D


Tadaaaaa !
He is my lovely brother, Zhi Yuan
This picture was quite long time ago too
His hair grow longer now .

Yesterday was my sister birthday
Well, today was his birthday !
Hey Yuan Yuan, you are adi 8 years old
Don't be so naughty and don't always bully me !
I am your sister what ... ><

Another birthday guy , How Wee Sheng !
Celebrated with him in school during BM lessons
He felt damn happy, i know it !
Haha !

To Wee Sheng and my brother

I wish to more than that !
Really .

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You are annoying me !
Fuck off please

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Monster said...

happy belated bday to ur sister & brobro too! :D