07 September 2009

Trips ?

1 week more, holiday again
Woohoooo ~!

My sis and her friends are planning to have a vacation
Maybe Bangkok, maybe Bali, or maybe Karbi.
Gosh ! I want to go along with them too

I can shopping for the whole day at Bangkok
I can walk along the beach at Bali
I can dive into the deep blue sea at Karbi
* wink *

But i think i can't go along with them
As you all know, adults maybe will do something 18SX that are not supposed to do
I am pure bad girl !

I am trying to love them, sayang them, and understand them
But i think they fucking hate me a lot
Biology, Chemistry, Physic and Add Maths - my lovers ?
Look, i really need someone to teach me Chemistry
I don't want to fail any subjects !

p/s : I am trying to make my bloggie more interesting failed HA !

I kill someone

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