13 September 2009

I Wish

I wish i can get a new camera !
Really, I really mean it .
Any suggestion ?

Olympus or Sony ?
I just can't decide .

I wish i can get a new handphone !
C902 is my target .
5 megapixal, and the important is it has RED !

I hope i can get it after the end year exam

I wish i can get a good result for the coming end year exam
I just don't want to fail any subjects, and get some A's *sigh *

Preparation for the exam ?
I am going to start !
But i don't know how to start and start from where

I wish i can do some job !
Maybe part time worker
But i have to get the permission from my parent

I don't want to waste my parent's money
So, i wish i can use my OWN money
* wink *

I wish i can go for shopping !
Anyway, i am going out with my BeiBei during holiday
Woohooo ! Looking forward .

I want to buy many many many things
Shoes, watch, shirt, pants, blar blar blar
I need MONEY !

I wish i can learn something new !
Maybe dancing, maybe some magic tricks ?
Rawrr ~

Photo shooting !
Should i ?

I wish i can keep my hair long !
Guess what, my sis said i really need to change
So, maybe i wanna keep my hair long, until shoulder i guess ?

Stop wearing pants with t-shirt
You should wear dress .

I wish he will know me !
But he would never understand me

Stop dreaming * slap *

I suka lu lar !

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