19 October 2009


Eeee-Miao !
I have abandoned my bloggie for 1 week i think, so some mushrooms had grow
We get a news on last Thursday - our exam has been postponed to next week !
Happy cause we still have more time to study
Sad cause we can't holiday earlier !

All the papers on Thursday and Friday went well, except for Sejarah paper 2
All the questions are about * what i didn't read * but not * what i had read *
Oh my Allah !
Stop brain-washing me

16.10.2009 ( Friday ) was school holiday
I didn't touch any books that day
Just relaxing myself
Jumping all around my house.

17.10.2009 ( Sunday ) was Hari Deepavali !
Happy Deepavali !
However, we didn't go out to anywhere but stayed at home
So, we - My dad, my bro and I just played around the house

My eyes gone ! X.X

Blur . But i like this ! xD

Oh yea, did you all see ' ikan bilis ' before ?
If you didn't see before, let's me show you what is the true ' ikan bilis '

Dua ekor ' ikan bilis '

Can you believe that is my dad ? LMAO !

Guess what, these pics were my dad asked for it
He kept asking me to take the pics for him

Well, there is only one word can describe them

Had our dinner with aunty's family at Sungai Buloh !


耳边传来小美的 “ 双手的温柔 ”


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