25 October 2009

Mood ?

I am getting lazier to update my blog
Since exam is coming, and my mood has been spoiled

Didn't go anywhere this few days due to everyone is having exam
My bro is having final exam; My sis is having final exam and rushing for her projects; I am going to sit for final exam too !

Not in the study mood, so just simply chat with friends
Amer, Ee, Tine, Thomas aka Elephant, Freaky blah !
Freaky is coming back to Malaysia at December * looking forward *

Need to say something to Meen Darling

Hey darling, feel that we are getting far away since we are not in the same class anymore
And i do believe that you have your own friends
I am not jealous ok ? Really !
But when Amer told me that you quite sad because of him
I really feel guilty, because i can't help anything

Cheer darling !
No matter how, i will support you ok ?
Don't cry .

Here the pic when webcam-ing with Thomas Yong Jin aka Elephant !

clickable !

Going to sleep bed now !
Or should i study ?
* wondering *

The 15th Day

I miss him badly .

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