01 December 2009

How Much ?

It is 3.36am in the midnight now, but i am still awake
Maybe i am used to sleep late during holiday, or maybe i am insomnia
Today is the 1st day of December, a new month and the last month of 2009
Let's appreciate the last month of 2009 ! :D

Well, i am being banyak emo this few days
It makes me not in the mood in doing anything
I am getting lazier to on9, eat, blah !
Want i want is .. sleep !
And i hope once i sleep, i never get up again ..
Choi, touch wood !

Found Eason Chan's new song again !
多少 - 陈奕迅
This song is from his new album named 上五楼的快活 which was released at September

There is another version of Tanya 蔡建雅
I didn't hear Tanya's version, but i think Eason's version is much more better than Tanya's
Just part of my opinion, you all can hear both versions if feel freeeeee !
Recommend for you ! * thumbs up *

Okay, time to sleep now
Ciaosssss !

I cried again !
So what ?

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