30 November 2009

The 4 Hours.

Well, let's me tell you what had happened within the 4 hours
Okey, let's me recall back

Around 6.30pm, we reached Serdang Ktm Station and we got in the train after 5 minutes
We found a lots of seats !
We were so damn happy because there was less people and we found seats, at least later we didn't need to packed with other people

When the train reached at MidValley, after the people got into the train, the train stopped there suddenly
And i think that's why the train always delay, because the train always stop suddenly
After N minutes, the train started to move and head to KL Sentral
Hell yea, many people and packed like sardine once again
However, the train started to stop again and putus electricity somemore !
I smsed my dad quickly that i would be late

After N minutes again, the train moved again
It stopped suddenly at the following stations too
When the train reached Bank Negara, freaking lot of people there !
But the train just opened up few doors, and a lot of people couldn't get into the train
The door closed and and continued move again

When we reached at ... ( forget which station already ), the train suddenly stopped and reversed back to Bank Negara
It was really made us shocked and we were thinking what the hell is going on now
Then, the train stopped suddenly, and moved again ! and stopped suddenly ! and moved again !
Walao _____ !
And finally, we stopped at Bank Negara
Everyone was wondering what is going and why the train reversed back

Suddenly, a guy asked all of us got down from the train !
Hey, is ALL ! not a small group, but ALL !
We started to call our parent about this
My dad said, " Malaysia Boleh ! Asked that fella pay u back that ticket lar . "

This was how it looked when everyone going down from the train

Banyak people lor oit !

This situation just look like the scence of the movie of 2012
Just look like all the people were escaping to save their life
We just sit at there and waited for the train like sohai ?
Paiseh for being so rude
Hot and thirsty, tired and hungry

Because of just having one lane, so we had to wait almost 40 minutes
Asshole betul !
The train was so so so so fulled, we couldn't even go in
At last, i called my dad and he fetched us up at Sogo

There was some misunderstanding, but it sloved now !

That's what had happened within the 4 hours
It really wasting my time and money
What a lucky day uh ?

I have nothing to say now .

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