09 December 2009

Shopping ! :D

3 more days, and i am going to attend my cousin's wedding
Awww, damn freaking excited . HA !

My sister and I went to 1 Utama for shopping, and we met up with my sister's friend too

We went many shops like Kitschen, Forever 21, Dressme, and blah !
But we still couldn't find any dressy that suit us
Well, nice body doesn't mean can wear anything sometimes
Found a cuteeeeee dressy at Forever 21
Wtf ? Doesn't have my size and it cost me RM119, i think ..
Ish ! It needs some luck sometimes

But, my sister bought a maxi dress at .. ( don't know what's the shop's name )
Suits her a lot and she looks more taller and longer wearing on it
Aduii ! I don't want to walk together with her on that day !
自卑-ing :S
While me, i didn't buy anything
Holly shit ______ !

When we were ready to go home, and once we stepped out, we just realized that ...
Ouch ! It was raining .. How great is that ?
We just simply hang around at the ground floor
We saw Santa Clause and a hot chick standing beside him
They were giving some presents to the kids and some people took photos with them

Christmas ! I don't want to celebrate Christmas Day alone * sob *

It is a music box actually !

Seemed we were so tired and hungry, so we just sat at Kluang Station
Chatting, taking photos, and fooling around

I can't see where is my neck and my chin in this photo. Great !

Went back home around 9pm
Oh yea, my relatives from China came and overnight at our house all along this week
What i am going to say is
Don't smoke inside our toilet and room !

Well, we went out again !
And the best thing was, my brother followed us this time

First of all, we went to Tesco because there was a what vegetable promotion
My sister wanted to buy some bittergrounds for her end year assignment
But unluckily, all had been sold out
Banyak cepat !

Our next destination was The Curve !
Took photos again, because the decorations is damn pretty
But i prefer the view at nigh, when all the lights are switched on

Walked along The Street
Bought a headband for myself
Hmm .. not headband really not my style by the way
Quite girlish lar oit !

My evil brother !

Is this a deer ?

Went back home around 6.30pm
We still kept taking photos inside the car
While here's the photo of my sister

Her new hair style !
We look pretty alike, ecspecially we wearing the same kind of spec, and same kind of hair style
We want the whole world know that we are sister !

The Sunset . I like this photo .

I miss him ?
I don't miss him ?


eminey626 said...

LOL! i also saw a dress which cost rm119! but at padini.. xD

Eugene ! said...

Arghh !
damn expensive .