14 December 2009

Boom peh peh peh peh !

Aha ! The day had come !
We wait for it from quite long time ago, and finally it came
Oh yea, it was my cousin, Lynned's wedding !

My sister and I woke up pretty early in the morning - around 5.30am
You guys know lar, girls mah, sure gt many thingy need to prepare
Hair, dress, make up those blah !
Bathed and dressed up everything, my sister helped me to make up
OMG ! i look like .. shit ?
But my mum said i looked pretty
She is a liar, i am very sure !

Reached my uncle's house around 7.30am
Had nasi lemak as our breakfast
All the sisters were busying to prepare the games for the groom, Keith, and the brothers
I saw them brought some beers, eggs, and some unknown things
Wondering what were they trying to play

Before the groom reached, the sisters started to lock up the door and prepared at outside there
The situation seemed like the war going to begin :S

War began !

I didn't know what were they playing cause i was hiding inside the bride's room with my sister and other cousins .

Smile please ! Ga-chack !

The groom went to bride's room after they passed the game at downstair
He had to read out the rules based on a certification
All the rules are shouldn't to obey

1st, have to love his wife forever !
2nd, have to do all the housework, such as wash clothes and dishes
3rd, the husband have to let the wife to hold the 70% of his salary every month
4th, travel to anywhere at least once in a year
5th, have to give a branded handbag, such as LV, Gucci, Prada and Chanel
6th, can't steal the saving money !
7th, have to love the house and the family

What a cute rules !

The bride read out loudly using a mic !

Yeah ! My cousin and the certification . * GOOD *

And finally, the groom came in the bride's room
And the diamond of the ring is pretty !
I want also . HA !

So sweeeeeeeeet !

Nothing special after that, just went on with the Chinese tradisianol ceremony
The next destination was the groom's hometown
His hometown located at Seremban, and we had to reached there before 12 noon
Thus, all the cars were speeding on the road !
Car pooling with cousin, Ben
Guess what ? 140km/h
Scare me !

Their car, cute what !

Reached there at time, then we just straight away had buffet as lunch
Chatting, playing and my sister was fooling around

Oh yea, her ear rings !

Went back home around 3pm
Had to rest a while and continue the next round !

My sis and I !

Tmr baru continue the night's story !

I am single ?
or taken ?


Monster said...

darling, u look so alike with ur sis :D

Eugene ! said...

Oh really darling ?!
but i look older .
adui !